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At Southwest Animal Hospital, we recognize that pets are members of the family.

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Veterinarian In Las Vegas, NV

Southwest Animal Hospital, a veterinary clinic in Las Vegas, NV

Southwest Animal Hospital

Every animal that enters our facility is handled with the same affection and care that we model for our own pets. Our amazing crew and pet care specialist is highly qualified and has extensive experience working with animals. Our technicians, assistants, and veterinary practitioner have a combined total of 38 years of experience working with our hospital alone!

We have a strong belief in establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients and being an integral part of our community. Working hand in hand with our clients helps ensure that your pet receives the absolute best in care both at our office and in your own home.

About Us

New Clients


Great place to take your cat or dog for any service. The staff is very friendly as they make you feel welcome and you see they love their work which is to take care of your cat or dog along with great customer service.

Gerardo D

All of the Doctors and staff were very informative and helpful with all of my pets needs. We are very glad to be part of the Southwest Animal Hospital family.

Lisa G

Every time I have seen, or spoke with any of the staff here at SWAH, it has been nothing but awesome. They are kind, loving, caring and extremely supportive and patient. I have unruly large dogs and they always calm me down, which calms them. Thank you SWAH!!

Nlta C

Dr. Perron is fantastic & all the staff are amazing. I know my lily baby Pinto is looked after with the upmost care & great quality with love, care. & patience. The beautiful inspiring pictures of real life dogs they've helped or are helping is inspiring & confirms I'm taking my baby Pinto to the correct place.

Elizabeth G

I've been bringing my furry family here for years! The doctors are brilliant and the Vet Techs are amazing! Reception is wonderful and welcoming! The whole building is full of good people who will take the best care of your fur babies 😁

Michelle P

Got a same day appointment for orphaned kitten. Staff was knowledgeable and kind. Doctor answered my questions and got rid of my worries. Everywhere was clean, very clean. It's good to trust where I will take the fur-babies.

Floofy D

My baby loved Dr. Perron, and she hasn't liked either of her other 2 vets. Our visit wasn't rushed, the ladies were nice, Dr. Perron was very thorough, and we got in at our appointment time! Also, they accept the CARE Credit Card.

Stephanie L

This is one of the great Best Kept Secrets here in Vegas Mrs Kay is a great groomer. Plus the prices are so great, the staff has a great attitude. The Southwest Animal Hospital is one of the place's that I would strongly recommend to any friend or family for their pets needs.

Tazman M

Why Choose Us?

Private Owned

We’re not owned by a corporation, so we do things our way, which is the way that we believe is in the best interest of our clients and patients.

Small But Experienced

Our practice might not be the biggest around, but our team is top-notch!

Long Term Staff

Not only is our team experienced in pet care, but they also kind of love it here! Many of our team members have been with Southwest Animal Hospital for many years.

Grooming? Only the best!

We do offer grooming for pets at our hospital, and our groomer, Kay, who has been grooming at Southwest Animal Hospital for over 20 years is amazing!


Sometimes you need to get away for a little bit, and Southwest Animal Hospital is here to help! With our attentive team, spacious kennels and fun activities, your pet would be in excellent hands. We offer extras like one on one play time.

Our Clients and Patients Love Us

A large part of our current client base are long-term clients who have been coming to us for years, and even through multiple generations!


Our veterinarians in Las Vegas, NV offer a wide range of services, including routine preventative care like check-ups and exams, as well as treatment for illnesses or injuries using advanced medical equipment.

Preventative Care, Including Routine Check-ups And Exams

At our animal care facility, we hold a strong belief that preventative measures are the foundation for ensuring your pet’s long-lasting health and happiness. Through regular check-ups and examinations, our highly skilled veterinarians can detect potential health concerns early, allowing for timely treatment and intervention.

For instance, during a standard wellness exam at our veterinary center, your dog or cat will undergo a comprehensive physical assessment accompanied by recommended vaccinations to safeguard them from widespread diseases.

This may further involve screening tests for internal parasites as well as dental evaluations to maintain excellent oral health.

Treatment For Illnesses And Injuries

At our esteemed animal healthcare facility, we recognize that the well-being of your beloved pet is a top priority. Our skilled and empathetic veterinary professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional medical services for a broad range of ailments and injuries affecting both felines and canines.

Besides possessing an in-depth understanding of veterinary medicine, we take great pride in offering customized care for every patient that comes into our establishment. This ensures that each treatment plan is specifically tailored to suit your pet, guaranteeing they receive the finest healthcare available.

With preventative care as a key focus of our mission, we collaborate closely with you to provide guidance on averting potential health problems while also promptly addressing any current concerns.

Dental Care And Oral Surgery

At our top-notch animal hospital, we recognize the significance of preserving your pet’s dental health for their overall well-being. Our devoted and skilled veterinary staff provides all-encompassing dental care services aimed at preventing oral diseases and ensuring the optimal health of your furry friend’s mouth.

Our empathetic service goes beyond simple cleanings – utilizing cutting-edge equipment along with high-tech diagnostic tools to identify any hidden issues that could be impacting your pet’s oral health.

By partnering with you as their caring guardian, together we integrate preventative care measures at home with regular visits to our comprehensive veterinary facility.

Surgery Using Advanced Medical Equipment

At our animal hospital, we stay up-to-date with the latest surgical advancements to provide top-notch care for your furry companion.

Our facility is equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment such as digital radiography and ultrasound, allowing us to accurately identify any issues that may require surgical intervention.

Our skilled veterinary surgeons use state-of-the-art medical equipment for pain management and monitoring during each procedure, promoting maximum comfort and safety for your beloved pet.

Diagnostic Testing And Imaging

At our animal hospital, we provide advanced diagnostic testing and imaging services to accurately diagnose medical conditions in pets. Our team of skilled veterinarians utilizes high-tech equipment, including ultrasound, X-rays, blood tests, urinalysis, and more.

Our veterinary facility has access to cutting-edge diagnostic tools that enable us to deliver prompt care with unmatched precision. This technology allows us to quickly identify potential health issues before they worsen and provide appropriate treatment for your furry loved ones.

We take pride in providing tailored care for every patient and delivering exceptional customer service while using our expertise in veterinary medicine.

Prescription Diets And Medications

At our animal hospital, we understand that your pet’s health and nutrition are linked. Our expert veterinarians can recommend the right diet and medications for your furry friend based on their individual needs and conditions.

We offer a range of prescription diets for pets with specific medical requirements such as diabetes, obesity, or kidney disease.

In addition to specialized diets, we also provide a variety of prescription medications including arthritis treatments, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and pain management medication among others.

This ensures that all aspects of your pet’s wellness are taken care of under one roof. Our compassionate vets take pride in offering complete care services designed to provide unparalleled comfort and improved quality life for both cats and dogs while undergoing treatment.


We understand your concerns and want to provide you with the best resources available. From payment options and pet insurance information to educational materials for new pet owners, we have everything you need to be an informed and confident caregiver.


We recognize that affordable veterinary care is a concern for many pet owners. To further assist our clients in managing unexpected costs related to accidents and illnesses, we strongly recommend considering pet insurance.

At our clinic, compassionate care and affordability are top priorities when it comes to providing high-quality healthcare services for your pets.

veterinarian in Las Vegas, NV is treating the newborn puppies

Contact Us And Appointment Booking For Your Pet’s Health Needs

At Southwest Animal Hospital, we believe that your pets deserve the best care possible, which is why our experienced veterinarians and staff are always here to provide compassionate service and personalized care.

Our full-service animal hospital is AAHA accredited and Fear-Free certified – ensuring that your pet will receive first-rate pet care from start to finish.

We take great pride in being an integral part of the Las Vegas community by providing education to pet owners and offering convenient online appointment booking for all types of pets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, we are accepting new patients at this time! If you would like to schedule your first appointment, please use the buttons below to access our New Client form and our link to request your appointment right here on our website!

Online FormsAppointments

What types of pets do you see?

We are able to see cats and dogs or all shapes and sizes!

When are you open?


Monday – Friday: 7:00am-7:00pm, Doctors available 8:30am-6:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Sunday: Closed


We have grooming hours Tuesday-Saturday.
Please contact us for an appointment.


Morning: 7AM-8AM – Drop Off
Afternoon: 11:30-12PM – Drop OFF
Sat: 8AM-9AM – Drop OFF

Holiday Closures:
  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

After two no-show appointments, we do charge a $50 deposit to make another appointment. After one no-show surgery, we do charge a $100 deposit to make another surgery appointment. It’s important for us and for our clients that we’re able to see them when their pets need to be seen. If you do need to cancel your appointment, we do understand. All that we ask is that you let us know 24 hours in advance so that we can see another.