Surgery Photos

Fishhook in a cat’s tongue

Fishhook entangled

This poor 12 year old cat managed to get a three prong fishhook caught in the bottom of her tongue.

Successful extraction

After carefully cutting off the barb that had penetrated the tongue, the hook is removed. It will not take long for the bruising that occurred while the hook was entangled to heal.

Ready to go home

Although still a little groggy, the reversible anesthetic works quickly and Kiney is just about ready to go home, looking her beautiful self again.

Dental cleaning

Before dental cleaning

Before cleaning, some of the teeth are almost completely covered with tartar. Periodontal disease like this contributes to bacteria entering the bloodstream through the gums.

After dental cleaning

The teeth are now clean. If the condition was not treated, this dog would have been at high risk of losing some of his teeth. We’re also sure his breath is much better.